Q. Does the New York Aikikai only teach aikido?
A.  Yes, only traditional aikido is taught at the NYA.
Q. Are there any sign-up fees or long term commitments or contracts?
A. No, membership is month-to-month.
The only requirement is automatic monthly payments through a credit card or bank account. Monthly payments may be paused or cancelled with 30 days notice.
Q. What are the monthly fees and how many classes do I get per month?
A. Adult membership is $160.00 per month.
This entitles members to unlimited classes each month.
Children ages 5-11 pay $50.00 per month and children
age 12-17 pay $85.00 per month for unlimited children’s classes.
There are special fees for police, fire department and military personnel,
active and veterans.
Q. Is the NYA open every day?
A. Yes, classes are offered  7 days a week.
Please see the schedule for weekday and weekend classes.
Q. Is the NYA a not-for-profit organization?
A. Yes, the NYA is not-for-profit 501c3 educational organization.
Donations (but not membership fees) are tax exempt to the extent provided by law.