Sensei Chats

A series of chats with Yamada Sensei

Episode 1 8:38

Yamada Sensei talks about teaching and adapting his teaching style upon arriving in the United States.

Episode 2 4:33

Yamada Sensei talks about the importance of focusing on beginners.

Episode 3 4:20

Are you ready to teach?

Episode 4 2:36

What makes an ideal student?

Episode 5 3:03

The Teacher/Student relationship. Sempai/Kohai explained.

Episode 6 5:55

142 W. 18th Street…find out what it means to me.

Episode 7 3:30

Training during COVID and online training.

Episode 8 6:00

Yamada Sensei and Pimsler Sensei talk about some of their early adventures.

Episode 9 5:49

Pimsler Sensei talks about what brought him to the New York Aikikai and why he stayed.

Episode 10 7:10

In this final episode, closing thoughts from Yamada and Pimsler Sensei.